Entrust Your Criminal Defense To Attorneys With Extensive Experience

For more than 40 years, Coyle Law Firm has been defending people charged with crimes in Oklahoma. We bring a wealth of knowledge and in-depth experience to the table on behalf of each client we represent. We zealously and skillfully defend those accused of serious criminal offenses, such as:

We often represent college students and professionals whose cases go beyond what happens in a criminal court. Students may be sanctioned or expelled by their institutions. Professionals may be disciplined by their licensing boards. Coyle Law Firm can represent clients in those venues as well as before prosecutors, judges and juries in state and federal courtrooms.

At Coyle Law Firm in Oklahoma City, we approach each client and each case with the fundamental conviction that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty. We pledge our talents and hard work to protect our clients' constitutional rights. Staying out of jail, getting charges reduced and pursuing the best attainable outcome are all important objectives after a criminal arrest or for someone under investigation.

We at Coyle Law Firm are dedicated to defending the rights of our clients. We strive to provide quality legal advice and effective representation in criminal investigations, plea negotiations, trials, and appeals. We regularly try cases to verdict. Our focus is to help people who have been charged with crimes obtain the best outcome each case allows, avoiding:

  • Lengthy prison sentences
  • Other harsh penalties
  • Damaging criminal records

Our experience tells us that prosecutors tend to assume defendants are guilty. Our job is to present each client's story from a big-picture angle. We act as champions of our clients, working hard to show prosecutors, judges and juries the human side of criminal allegations. Remember:

  • Police are there to arrest people.
  • Prosecutors are there to prove a crime was committed.
  • Judges and juries are there to convict.
  • Only your criminal defense attorney is there to protect your rights.

The sooner you have a skillful, hardworking defense lawyer on your side, the greater your options. Coyle Law Firm cannot guarantee a particular outcome, but we pledge to give our clients our best efforts toward a positive result, such as:

  • Charges dismissed
  • Charges reduced
  • Probation instead of jail time
  • A "not guilty" verdict at trial

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