Defense Of Students And Professionals With All Consequences On The Table

Anyone facing criminal charges has multiple urgent concerns, including how to stay out of jail and how to mount an effective defense before a prosecutor, judge and jury — and ultimately, to avoid a conviction, if possible. College students and people in professions such as medicine, accounting and academic careers have additional layers of legitimate worries:

  • A college student under investigation or already arrested may face suspension or expulsion from the educational institution.
  • Student athletes may forfeit their good standing on their intercollegiate teams — and athletic scholarships. The same may be true for students in musical ensembles and other extracurricular activities, such as debate teams.
  • A college student who is convicted of a drug crime may lose eligibility for federal student loans.
  • A health care professional may face discipline or license suspension or permanent loss of a license to practice medicine, work as a therapist or continue working in the field at all.
  • An accountant, social worker or teacher may lose his or her teaching license temporarily or permanently.

You may have been charged with DUI/DWI, a drug crime, an internet crime, a violent crime or a white collar crime. Regardless of the particulars, the chief concerns beyond government-mandated penalties extend to a person's livelihood and identity when an academic career or professional practice is on the line.

Representation Before Collegiate Disciplinary Boards

Coyle Law Firm in Oklahoma City welcomes college students (and their parents) from Oklahoma University, Oklahoma City University, Central State University, Southern Nazarene University and other public and private institutions of higher learning. From law offices in Oklahoma City, our lawyers represent clients from throughout the western district of Oklahoma and beyond.

We are prepared to advocate for students before academic disciplinary boards, athletic boards and other institutional authorities.

Representation Before Professional Licensing Authorities

For people in the health care professions, teaching professions and other professions, we will fight before licensing boards as needed to pursue a just, positive outcome when a criminal matter threatens careers and livelihoods. We also represent professionals facing sanctions due to activities that do not rise to the level of criminal matters, but may result in the loss of licensure (such as alleged sexual relations between a psychologist and a client).

Protect Your Good Student Status Or Your Professional Credentials In The Face Of Criminal Charges — Contact Coyle Law Firm In Oklahoma City

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