When A Criminal Matter Can Be Considered A White Collar Crime Or A Complex Crime

An arrest and conviction for a white collar crime often comes after a time of investigation. The investigation may be prompted by reports from clients or customers. It may be initiated by a company, a nonprofit organization and/or law enforcement agencies.

Have funds in your organization shown repeated shortfalls? Have customers complained about possible fraudulent transactions? Before long, authorities will begin to seek explanations. Detective work may lead to the conclusion that you have committed a crime involving money or paperwork — a white collar crime. Our attorneys at Coyle Law Firm in Oklahoma City can act as your strong advocates if you are suspected of or charged with fraud or any white collar crime or complex crime.

Varieties Of White Collar Crimes

A white collar crime is one in which the motives are purely financial and commission of which is nonviolent. White collar crimes may include fraud, bribery, embezzlement, insider trading, identity theft and forgery. As the list and severity of white collar crimes is numerous and varied, there are no set penalties. A white collar crime may be a state or federal crime, depending on the size of financial losses.

Complex Crimes

A complex crime is the act of committing two or more felony acts in the process of completing a crime. White collar crimes are often categorized as complex crimes because of the close relationships between potential charges. Another form of complex crime is compound crime, which is defined as a single act that constitutes two or more felonies.

Penalties for complex and compound crimes depend on the felonies committed. Punishment varies by severity of the crimes committed and the courts in which they are tried.

Coyle Law Firm has achieved positive results for clients in all levels of courts in Oklahoma, including state and federal criminal courts and appellate courts. We can help protect your good name and your future beginning with the first indication of rumors and an investigation all the way through criminal justice proceedings and if necessary, appeals.

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