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Our attorneys represent people in all phases of criminal matters, including:

  • When rumors indicate an investigation may occur
  • During investigations
  • When accusations have come to light
  • After an arrest
  • After charges have been filed
  • During probation
  • After a conviction
  • Through appeals
  • Months or years after a conviction when expungement is the goal

People who have ended up with misdemeanor or felony criminal records discover over time what an obstacle a criminal record can be. When expungement is a possibility, it is a very worthwhile objective to pursue. Coyle Law Firm in Oklahoma City was established in 1988. In the decades following, we have earned a strong reputation for our ability to help people get criminal convictions removed from their records.

Once a criminal record is expunged, government agencies cannot report what was once there when someone is undergoing a background check. In the case of arrests that did not lead to conviction, it is also possible to have records of those arrests removed. This can be important for some uses.

The exact opportunities you qualify for may differ based on unique factors pertaining to your criminal history. Through a personalized consultation with one of our attorneys at Coyle Law Firm, you will come away with a clear idea of what post-conviction relief you can pursue and how to go about it.

Is An Arrest Record Or A Misdemeanor Or Felony On Your Record Become An Obstacle In Your Life? Our Attorneys Can Advise You.

Clearing records is an important part of our criminal defense practice. Call Coyle Law Firm at 405-546-1268 or send an email message to schedule a consultation with a lawyer about your expungement options.